Sewer hoses

Sewer hose is an attachment to a pressure washer. With it the unclogging of a sewer or cleaning of a clogged pipe is effortless. In industrial facilities more heavy duty solutions may be needed. Our selection of high-pressure units and sewer hoses with the maximum operating temperature up to 100°C are more than sufficient to any environment.

The sewer hose is attached to a pressure washer and the other end is inserted in the clogged pipe or sewer. Especially the high-pressure spray created by our high-pressure washer declogs the pipe efficiently, cleaning the sewer to a working order. Water pressure pulls the sewer hose along the pipe so the unclogging is exceptionally easy.

Finfinet also helps with installation, maintenance and industrial configuration of equipment. Contact us and let us know of your situation and we’ll find you a optimal solution for all your needs.