Steam cleaners

If a pressure washer is needed outdoors or in changing locations, you may want to consider a pressure washer or a washing trailer. In these solutions, the high-pressure washer designed for professional use is mounted or can be mounted on a trailer or directly on a vehicle. This fuel-efficient high-pressure washer travels wherever it is needed and a great washing result does not depend on receiving electricity. Depending on the model, the washing trailer can also have its own water tank, which means that the high-pressure washer can be used anywhere, anytime.

The high-pressure washer installed in a vehicle or trailer takes into account the dimension and ergonomic use, so that cleaning of facades, scaffolding and machines, for example, is easy. Thanks to their mobility, washing trailers and trailer washers are ideal for municipal use, contractors, agriculture and the construction industry, in addition to various industries. The trailer-type pressure washer is a reliable device that will not leave a professional in the lurch.

The steam cleaner cleans gently but effectively
Not all surfaces can use chemicals or high water pressure, so a steam cleaner is suitable for these applications. The pressure washers below can be optionally equipped with the SteamPlus system, which adds a steam function to the washing methods. The steam cleaner removes contaminants effectively, but without consuming even the slightest surface.

These and all other high pressure washers for professional use
There are many different types of high-pressure washers suitable for professional use, from small hand-held flat washers to efficient cleaners that can be moved from one item to another in this product department. When making a choice, it is important to take into account the operating principle, the requirements of the washing result and the specific characteristics of the impurities in the application