Swivel couplings

Swivel coupling is a connector coupling attached to the hose of pressure washer, wash gun or hydraulic etc. which prevents the twisting and breaking of the hose in high pressure strain. Instead of the hose twisting, the swivel rotates and the hose maintains its original position. An untwisted hose is easier to operate and the longevity of the hose is improved with less strain from twisting.

Swivels are used also in rotating the nozzle tube during the wash. These swivels are used in car washes, conveyor washes and in wash operations of large surface areas.

Swivels are available with different threadings, different maximum operating pressure and temperature. Our selection is designed specifically for high-pressure washers and hot water washers, but the swivels and swivel couplings are suitable also for appliances in pressurized air or steam is used. Please compare the specifications of your appliance to the specifications of the swivel so it is durable and safe for your use.

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