Foamer is an accessory to a pressure washer that makes cleaning faster and more efficient. Detergent foamed with pressurized air and/or water is easy yto apply with a foaming gun or a foaming lance. In addition the foam will dry slower and the effective time is longer and the wash result is better.

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Foamer or a foaming nozzle improves the quality of your wash.

The foamer or a foaming nozzle is attached to a pressure washer to improve washing results. Instead of a multi-stage wash the detergent is mixed with the pressure washer and the foamer and the detergent is foamed while being applied. Foamed detergent sticks to surfaces better and dries slower. To have a hygienic and high quality result, you only need to rinse the detergent foam with the pressure washer. When using a professional pressure washer you can control the water pressure and even the most sensitive surfaces may be cleaned with water and foam without damaging the surface.

With a foamer the ratio of water to detergent may be precisely controlled to achieve the correct strength of solution for each surface. The foaming panel has a water rinse mode, so you don’t need to detach the foamer for the rinsing. Both operations are possible without reconfiguring the equipment for a precise rinse.

Pressure washer foamer is practical especially in facilities with high hygiene standards. The long effective duration and the option for using a hot water pressure washer for rinsing will leave the surfaces disinfected Pesuaineen pitkä vaikutusaika ja tarvittaessa kuumavesipainepesurin kuuma huuhteluvesi jättää jälkeensä täydellisen puhtaat pinnat. The combination of water and detergent foam is suitable also for washing heavy machinery.

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